Demystifying Chakras & Bandhas

with Samantha Martin Saturday August 26th 10am-12pm

We hear about chakras and bandhas all the time in yoga classes, but do we really have a solid understand of these subtle energetic systems and how to connect them to our practice? Join us for this two hour workshop as we demystify Chakras and Bandhas. You will receive keys and insights into your inner workings to unlock powerful new experiences within your body.

Cost: $25 Early Bird | $30 At Door


Make Your Own Mala Workshop

with Arielle Zadok Saturday September 9th  1:00 to 5:00pm


Cultivate truth, expansion, love and an open with your own handmade Koa Yoga Mala. 


In this workshop Arielle will share with you the sacred history and purpose for malas, how to use them to create acceptance, love and expansion in your life and lead you through the ancient ritual of creating your own unique mala to take home. We will be working with the vibrations of magnesite to ignite deep self love and acceptance, sodalite to inspire truth, harmony and spiritual perception, chrysoprase to keep us open in new situations and tree agate to inspire growth and abundance.Each student will receive all the materials necessary to create their own mala as well as a complimentary eBook that will include all information shared in class and the deeper meaning of each stone in your mala. 

Cost: $125 (includes all materials, tea, and light bites)

Limited to 10 Participants. Please sign up in advance.

About Your Teacher: Arielle Zadok is a Holistic Health Coach and Jewelry Designer who is passionate about teaching her clients to free themselves from their limiting beliefs. In her signature ‘Belief Exploration Session’ clients step into their future selves to see two potential realities; One where their limiting beliefs are calling the shots, and one where they are living a life they truly desire, that is aligned with who they really are. She creates custom malas for each client as a physical reminder of the beliefs they have let go of, the personal mantra that affirms their new belief and as a sacred reminder that empowers them to step into the life they truly desire. 



Join  Francesca Gray once a month in COURIER FIELD Park!  ALL AGES WELCOME. Tell all your friends!

Let's spread the love for Yoga in the Plant City Community :)

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NEXT TAI CHI with Andrew Allenye: AUGUST 19th 10:30-11:30AM

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating stress and anxiety, a form of "meditation in motion."

Twice per month. Every other Saturday




The science is in, Meditation is the ultimate life medicine. Take a break from your busy day with mindful breath and expansive awareness. Suitable for beginners and advanced mediators alike, Sophia sets the space with guided meditation for students to cultivate control of the "monkey mind". Become more productive and aware; experience the results.

ONCE Per Month.

Donation based.