Book Review: Dharma Delight

Buddhism, zen, yoga and other philosophies are so heavily intertwined that it's difficult to learn about one without learning about others. I have a superficial knowledge of Buddhism. Superficial may not be the correct word. I essentially have a basic understanding of the 4 noble truths and the eight fold path and so on. 

I checked out Dharma Delight: a Visionary Post Pop Comic Guide to Buddhism and Zen by Rodney Greenblat at my pubic library. First of all it is visually stunning. It really is so much fun to look at. Secondly, it is totally confusing. Greenblat translates the basic tenants of Buddhism into pop art with a modern interpretation. While some of the interpretations were easy to understand others were so far out there that they lost all meaning for me. It was interesting to see the concepts that I already understood interpreted in a new way and illustrated so whimsically. The concepts that I am struggling to understand became more confusing with references to space ships and strange introductions to the different bodhisattvas.

For the most part I enjoyed studying the pictures. They are full of symbolism and meaning. I also looked up some of the topics online to get a better grasp of Greenblat's interpretations which was a little frustrating. If you are brand new to Buddhism or Zen this may not be the book for you. If you are well versed in the philosophies you may enjoy Greenblat's modern interpretations. If you have the gift of sight you will at the very least enjoy the illustrations which are fantastic.