Sound Healing with Alexis Holland

by Jessica


Alexis Holland and her crystal bowls joined us at Koa this past Sunday. Through her company, Harmonious Holistics, Alexis offers a number of healing services including yoga, life coaching, holistic nutrition and sound therapy. After the Sunday Serenity class we enjoyed a session of Alexis’ incredible healing music. Sound has been used in almost every culture as a tool for healing or as a way to connect to the divine. All of the major religions use sound in the form of singing, chanting or silence as part of ritual practice. Often focus is placed on the meanings of the words sung or chanted however the frequencies and harmonies intoned may have deeper significance and purpose.  


Sound travels in waves, through the air, through our bodies, into our ears and out into the universe. These waves change all they pass through. The frequency of the waves dictates the type of change that takes place and to what degree. On a superficial level, sound can create or change moods. On a deeper level, sound can create physical and energetic change. We witness the physical effects of sound on a daily basis. Some of these effects are as obvious as the rattling of windows when a loud car cruises by while others are far more subtle. Our bodies and minds are not immune to the effects of sound. Sound healers, like Alexis use sound to create positive, healing change in the bodies and the minds of their clients.


Using a variety of instruments including crystal bowls, tuning forks, drumming and her voice, Alexis performs sound healing to help with a variety of conditions. Commonly, sound healing is used to treat sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, add and other learning disabilities and pain management.


For her performance at Koa we all got comfy in a reclined supported position. With the lights low, Alexis chanted and played. She moved around the room with the bowls to allow each person to be wrapped up in the vibrations from the instruments. I could feel the sound resonate deep inside my chest and mind creating a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Interestingly, I noticed that I was becoming a little sniffly during her performance. Later that evening I had a full on cold. I suppose the vibrations shook it loose. Hopefully it will be gone as quick as it came.

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