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We all begin somewhere. So come and begin here. You do not have to be flexible or fit. You do not have to be thin or athletic. You do not have to be young or strong. You do not have to be balanced or calm. That is the beautiful thing about yoga, it meets you exactly where you are. With arms wide open.

Be gentle with yourself as you begin. Yoga is a practice. As you keep coming back to the yoga mat, your flexibility will increase. You will become stronger. You will feel more balanced and calm. Your energy and focus will increase. You will find that you let go of things that no longer serve you, as you make space for the things you want to invite in. Your mind and body will begin to feel like a much more comfortable place to live. We recommend attending at least 3 classes a week as you get started.

Don't be afraid to come to your first yoga class. We love you here. This is a safe and non-judgmental space. People are kind. So begin with any of our beginner friendly classes offered several times a week.

Please be sure to let your instructor know if you have any previous injuries or physical limitations before beginning classes. You can always give us a call beforehand if you have any special needs or concerns. Please note that all classes are not for everyone. We will do our best to help you find the right classes on our schedule for you to begin your individual yoga practice.

Check the ABOUT US page for FAQ's more information on studio etiquette and what to expect as you begin.

Feel free to register on our schedule or walk in a few minutes early to fill out the new student information form. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!